Arvika plant
1967 Volvo establishes Arvika Smide
1988 Ovako Steel acquires Arvika Smide
1997 SKF Forgings & Rings acquires Arvika Smide
1999 Novaterra B.V acquires Arvika Smide
2001 Bengt Lank acquires Arvika Smide
2012 Componenta Wirsbo AB acquires Arvika Smide Wirsbo AB
2017 Forgex acquires Componenta Wirsbo (new name Forgex Sweden AB)

Virsbo plant

1620 The first hammer built
1897 H. Lagerkrantz buys the factory from King Oscar II

Forging and machining dominiates. Steeel tube production develops (now SSAB)


Plastic tube production develops (now Uponor). Wirsbo Bruks AB consists of 3 divisions; Forging, Steel tubes and Plastic tubes
1986 Wirsbo Bruks AB acquires Kolsva production
1989 The forging division becomes a separate company, Wirsbo Smide AB with 2 units (Virsbo and Kolsva)
1990 Wirbo Smide acquires Hero’s production
1997 Componenta acquires Wirsbo Smide, part of ASKO Components and becomes Componenta Wirsbo AB
2007 Componenta Wirsbo acquires AB Hejarsmide (Smedjebacken) (and Hero's production moves here)
2009 Kolsva plant closes due to volume losses
2012 Componenta Wirsbo acquires Arvika Smide AB
2015 Completion of Smedjebacken forge close down
2017 Forgex acquires Componenta Wirsbo (new name Forgex Sweden AB)